Hiring a Professional Mover vs. DIY Moving.

When you are moving from one location to another, whether it is moving across country or across NYC, one of the main decisions to make is whether or not to use a professional NYC Movers. Most people assume that a do-it-yourself (DIY) move is going to be less expensive; however, that is often not the case. While moving yourself may appear to be cheaper, more often than not, it saves both time and money when you choose a professional mover. In fact, choosing professional movers over a doing it yourself move offers many advantages, some of which are listed below.


Settling into a new home can be an exciting time and bring a fresh start in life.  Moving into that new home can be another matter.  Dealing with change, the unfamiliar, and hassles of moving can be challenging for many people. Whether you are planning a local move in the Greater New York area or a cross country long distance move, you start with two choices:  Do it yourself or spend some money upfront and hire a professional.  In many cases, the benefits of hiring a pro far outweigh the costs but there are situations where it is most practical to do it yourself.  Let’s looks at both sides.


By definition, the DIY move means doing everything yourself.  This includes buying packing supplies, arranging a moving van, and packing, finding people to help you and loading and unloading your possessions.  If you absolutely can’t afford a mover, then your decision is made.  If you don’t have a lot to move, it may also be best to DIY.  Examples of this would be a student moving into a first apartment with nothing but a futon, an Ikea bookcase and a few book boxes, or an executive moving between furnished apartments.  Once you move into the grey area of owning furniture and appliances, and having more than 20 boxes to move, then you need to weigh your options.  It’s important to look at what a professional move really costs vs. a DIY move. There is more than meets the eye in planning and executing a successful move, and the differences in cost can be less than they first appear.


What is your peace of mind worth?  All reputable movers have valuation insurance that will cover the cost of damage to your belongings up to a certain point, and can arrange additional coverage if deemed necessary.  Valuation insurance is specialized insurance carried by professional movers so if any of your items are damaged or broken, they will be replaced or repaired, no questions asked.
If you move yourself and something breaks, you’re on your own.


Things happen – this is called ‘Life in the Big City’.  If you reach your destination late, the previous residents haven’t left, access is denied or there are any other unforeseen circumstances preventing your belongings being unloaded into your new home, professional movers will have access to storage facilities and the calm heads of seasoned professionals to deal with whatever issue has arisen.  You may incur additional charges for the storage but at least your things will be safe.  A professionally planned and organized move minimizes the chances of problems, and the team at New York Local Movers is there to deal with anything that does crop up.


Responsible moving requires skill, equipment and technique – it’s more than a matter of muscle. There are techniques to packing, loading, unloading, and carrying heavy and awkward items. Disassembling and reassembling furniture, connecting appliances to electricity or gas also requires some know-how.  Professional movers are accustomed to lifting and carrying heavy furniture on a daily basis.  They know how to navigate narrow and awkward spaces, steep stairwells, and slippery steps in bad weather. Furthermore, they have specialized equipment like straps, dollies, and ramps and they know how to use them to keep themselves safe. A U-Haul or your friend’s van is not properly equipped to safely transport your goods or for amateurs to load and unload book boxes, sofas or pool tables. Your antique mirror will certainly be much happier bouncing over potholes in a state-of-the-art truck with air ride cushions. Lifting weights at the gym is not the same as carrying a refrigerator up a flight of stairs, and medical costs for an injury to an uninsured amateur can be astronomical.  Hiring professional movers is not just for the safety of your stuff, it’s for you!


Professional Movers know what supplies you need and how much and they buy large volume at much lower costs.  If you “Do It Yourself” you can run short of tape or boxes at the last minute causing yourself unnecessary stress, or on the other hand, have excess that wastes money and ends up in the garbage.  This is not a problem with professional movers.  They have everything they need and anything extra gets used on another job…crates, wardrobes, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and clean newsprint for wrapping fragile items (instead of dirty old newspapers).


If you’ve done your homework and chosen a reputable moving company then you will benefit from straightforward quotes with no surprises.   On the other hand, if you like surprises, then go for it with a do-it-yourself move!  The potential hidden expenses are endless and they can quickly add up.  Think about it…gas, additional insurance, packing supplies, renting the truck, parking the truck, feeding your friends pizza and beer, damage costs an amateur can incur banging up an entrance way, hallway or elevator…the list goes on and on.  Save the surprises for your birthday and hire professionals.  All things considered, it could end up costing you a lot less than a DIY move.


New York Local Movers, like all established moving companies, offer clients the option of professional packing services. Everything gets done in one day, saving you enormous amounts of time.  People always underestimate the time it takes to pack.  DIY movers think they can do it themselves but pros can do it better.  They use less boxes, pack carefully to prevent damage and are much faster. Meanwhile you can be attending to the other details of your relocation, changing personal accounts, dealing with mail forwarding, phone, cable, internet, all the other important details that go along with moving.


The packing aside, hiring professional movers saves time.  They bring you sufficient packing supplies in advance, saving you trips to often remote moving supply stores and the awkwardness of carrying large piles of boxes.  Consider the time involved arranging a DIY move just dealing with the rental truck: time to rent, arrange, pickup, refuel and return the moving van.  Professional movers can load and unload everything in often ¼ of the time.  They are adept at logistical issues like finding parking for the truck and navigating the city.  It all adds up.


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