Items You Should Be Moving and Handling Yourself

Moving can be a stressful event, but your stress level can be significantly lowered if you take certain steps to prepare yourself for moving day. This includes making sure that some items are never handled by a moving company, even a professional mover, due to being delicate in nature or simply too important for other people to handle. This is not to say that movers cannot be trusted to take care of these items. Movers are professionals that have the knowledge and experience to move just about anything. However, there are always items that are best left in the hands of the homeowner.

  • When deciding whether or not to allow a professional mover to have access to certain items, ask yourself the following questions: Do these items have high monetary value, such as electronics, gems, or artwork? Do these items have sentimental value, such as photos of deceased loved ones, baby books, or heirlooms?
  • Is this item something I will need on the first night in my new location?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” it is highly likely you should carry these items yourself to your next destination. Below are examples of a few items that you should pack separately and carry with you to your new home.

Expensive Electronic Equipment and Devices

Computers, digital cameras, and smartphones are just a few of the devices you should probably take with you to your new place. This is not only because they tend to be expensive, but also because these are items you tend to use on a daily basis. When you move, you may not have access to all of your belongings from day one as it can take some time to unpack your boxes. Therefore, with electronic devices it is always best to take them with you so you can use them immediately after moving in.

Family Heirlooms

This one is obvious, as most people have family heirlooms that have great sentimental value. This can include jewelry, furniture, or even antique items like clothing or sewing machines. Family heirlooms cannot be replaced, so if they get misplaced, lost, or broken in the process of being moved it can be heart-breaking. Save yourself the stress and take these items with you when you leave, don’t leave them for the movers.

Artwork, Collectors’ Items and Antiques

Anything with a high monetary value should be carried with you to your next location. Items like autographed memorabilia, rare artwork, and other collectibles may get lost or become damaged during the move, which would cause both financial and emotional loss, so it is best to take care of these items yourself.

Documents You Consider Important

Always personally carry your legal documents, as well as documents such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, passports, drivers’ licenses, medical records, mortgage papers, bank statements, and any type of written contract, including contracts related to the move itself. Place all documents and paperwork in a small safe, lockbox, or even in a locked briefcase, and place it in your car before you move to your new place.


Jewelry pieces are often small and intricate, and gems and precious stones are very valuable. Rings and brooches are especially easy to lose or misplace, and because they tend to have both sentimental and financial value, they need to be taken by hand to your new location. An added tip, place necklaces through regular drinking straws to keep them from getting tangled up during the move, and place thicker bracelets and necklaces into empty toilet paper rolls before placing them in delicate tissue paper or empty plastic bags. This process will keep your jewelry safe and in one piece for the journey ahead.

The most important thing to remember about moving is that many items are valuable to you both financially and sentimentally, so you’ll want to keep them as protected as possible and move the items yourself. Although most professional movers are reputable and experienced enough to move your belongings properly and without incident, accidents do occasionally happen so it is always best to prepare for them ahead of time.

You should also check with the individual moving company and make sure there are no rules regarding other items, such as live plants, which they may not be allowed to carry with them in the moving van. This is a last-minute step to take that, when taken with the above recommendations, can help assure that you protect your valuable items during that all-important move.

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